Mortgage Programs for Manufactured and Modular Homes in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida

Mortgage Programs for Manufactured and Modular Homes

Mortgage Programs for Manufactured and Modular Homes in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama. Are you familiar with the differences between manufactured and modular home mortgage program?  Do you know what loans are available for a modular or manufactured home? Today, I will be discussing the differences between these two types of homes and will go in depth with what mortgage programs are available for both manufactured and modular homes. Remember, if you have not yet done so, make sure to
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Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day – A Time to Remember

While Memorial Day often evokes thoughts of cookouts and great sales, it’s important to reflect on, and respect all those who have lost their lives in service to our country. Falling on the last Monday of every May, Memorial Day became a Federal Holiday in 1971 and is celebrated by loved ones and families that visit graves, memorials, or simply remember those they have lost. Here are some facts about Memorial day you may not know about (courtesy of It was
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Tampa FL VA Approved Lender List

How much can a seller pay in VA loan closing costs?

How much can a seller pay towards a VA loan closing costs? Now, this topic brings quite a bit of confusion, and in today’s video I am going to walk you through the specifics and share with you some qualifying details that you may not have been aware of. However, if you have a qualifying question or a loan approval that is experiencing trouble, remember that I started the company way back in 2001, so let our experience be a
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Do you know all of these mortgage acronyms?

Quiz Time! Do you know these important mortgage acronyms?

Like many industries, the mortgage world has its fair share of initials and acronyms! So, here’s a quick quiz on 8 mortgage acronyms to make sure you are up to speed. 1. USDA SFHGLP 2. FHA 3. FNMA 4. FHLMC 5. SHIP 6. MIP 7. PMI 8. VA Answers: 1. USDA SFHGLP = United States Department of Agriculture Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program This USDA program provides financing for homes in eligible rural areas and is known for its affordable
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